Learning Environment

For our youngest children aged 3 months to 3 years we focus on the three prime area of the Early Years Foundation stage curriculum. Development Matters in (EYFS)

Physical Development

Our learning environment offers a wealth of opportunities for physical development.  We have a free flow approach at Ace childcare, which encourages children to access the gardens and the indoor environments autonomously.  In our main garden we offer climbing equipment, bikes, pushcarts and scooters, a sandpit and water play as well as imaginative small world play and mark making activities. This is all delivered in a way which can challenge a child to take risks and move at their own pace to the next stage of their development in a safe and secure environment.

Our natural garden offers children to learn alongside nature. We have a mud kitchen, water play, a grassy area and planters. Children enjoy exploring the natural garden which presents boundless opportunities for both gross and fine motor development, whether they are digging in the planters, mixing in the mud kitchen or watching bugs through the magnifying glasses, the garden provides a rich learning environment.

Communication & Language

Communication is an intrinsic human instinct. At ACE Childcare our staff are highly trained in helping children to develop their understanding, Listening and attention and speech. This is achieved by planning for the child’s interests in the moment, asking open ended questions, using phrases like ‘I wonder’ to spark curiosity about their world and their interests.  Adults will observe children’s play follow the child’s lead and use ‘teachable moments’ to extend the child’s vocabulary and knowledge using a learning through play approach.

Personal Social & Emotional Development

Personal Social & emotional development can underpin a child’s ability to learn, a child with a high level of well-being typically shows a higher level of engagement in activities.  At ACE Childcare we place a huge emphasis on the well-being of the child.  This is achieved through a rigorous settling in process, enabling the child to make secure relationships with their key people, this process will be unique to your child as all children have different needs.  Our learning environment is designed to foster early relationships between children.  With support from staff and an emotion coaching approach, children learn turn taking and social skills needed to become social learners.