ACE Centre Nursery School

  • 5 outstanding inspections: 2018, 2015, 2014, 2009 and 2006

ACE Childcare

  • 3 outstanding inspections: 2019, 2015 and 2011

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“Staff provide a high-quality curriculum which covers all aspects of children’s learning in depth. Children settle extremely well. Staff meet their individual care and learning needs excellently. Children develop highly positive relationships with staff and each other. Children are very happy, keen to explore and love learning. Their attitudes and behaviour are excellent. (Ofsted, 2019)”

“Children’s independent skills are promoted extremely effectively. Both indoors
and outdoors, activities are well organised and appealing. As a result, children
are adept at making choices, such as during creative play, knowing exactly
where to go and what to get. Staff are magnificent at hooking in to each child’s
interests, planning in the moment and taking a steer from children’s experiences.
Parents, too, are appreciative of the school’s methodology, with one
commenting, ‘The nursery school is child-centred, and children are not forced
into learning arbitrary things. Instead, the adults see what a child is interested in
first, then run with that.”

“The quality of leadership is outstanding. There is an exceptionally strong drive for improvement, with excellent opportunities for staff to enhance their professional development. Staff build very effectively on children’s in the moment interests, such as their excitement about on-going building work to improve the outdoor area. Data clearly shows that children attending the day care facility consistently achieve higher levels of attainment on entry to their next stage of learning than other groups of children. Partnership working with other professionals and settings throughout the country promotes the pursuit of excellence and is highly motivational for staff.”

“Exciting, challenging and imaginative activities and stimulating resources thoroughly engage children. Adult expertise in talking to children about their learning and joining in their play is very strong. This supports children’s thinking skills and language development especially well.”

“The Nursery is a hub of professional research and inquiry on how young children learn best and it rightly deserves the glowing reputation it has in the community. Every day is magical, our children love learning and the staff cannot do enough to support us. This confidence in staff is justified as every child is known as an individual and a tailormade programme of work is designed to ensure excellent progress. Children love coming to nursery and are active explorers of knowledge.”

“The quality of provision is outstanding and leads to outstanding outcomes for children. The high level of care provided together with a highly stimulating environment and learning activities ensure children feel safe, settle quickly and enjoy their learning.”

“The Ace Centre Nursery provides a magnificent start to these young children’s early educational

Constant reflection and relevant discussion
among the whole team, focused on each child’s developing needs, lead to exceptionally creative
and well-planned activities that seamlessly incorporate all six areas of the Early Years Foundation
Stage curriculum. Consequently, they make outstanding progress. Children have access to a
wonderland of interesting and stimulating activities both indoors and outside, in the delightful
garden, which is very skilfully used to set up rich opportunities for learning.”

“The enjoyment of learning is given very high priority and is achieved with great success.
The richness and variety of the curriculum, combined with high quality teaching, mean
that learning provides constant pleasure, excitement and adventure, combined with
high achievement. One parent commented ‘The staff are constantly coming up with
new ideas for play. I am always astounded by their ingenuity’.