Welcome back to all our parents, carers and children,

And welcome to the first of the new school year’s weekly newsletters!

We will be sending out a keeping in touch newsletter at the end of each week to let you know some of the main experiences your child has been involved in during their week at the ACE centre Nursery School.  We shall also use the newsletter to share suggested linked learning that you can continue at home.  Then finish with housekeeping notices, any requests we may have of you as our school community and finally a section of what to look forward to and prepare yourselves for in the coming week.

This week at Nursery School

We have had a lovely first two days of the term, welcoming back children, some of whom we have heard from, but not seen since March!  We focused on children’s well-being and identified that one important thing we need to feel okay at school is to be able to say our own name and also to learn other people’s names.

On Thursday we passed teddy around the circle to tell him our name and we learnt to ask “what’s your name?”.  On Friday everyone played a fun game, in smaller groups, where one of us hid under a blanket and we guessed who it was by listening to clues.

All the teachers helped the children remember these skills during their play by using names and modelling and encouraging children to know the name of who they were playing with.

We also introduced our creative curriculum for this term by writing our names or making our marks in different media of silky crayons, chalks, felt tips or roll on paints on a large scale throughout the day.

Links to home learning

Each week, in this section of the newsletter, we will include a tip or link which you can use at home with your child. This will bring home and school learning experiences closer together. Families and children have really loved and benefitted from this during our Lockdown “Keeping in Touch” newsletters. This week’s link is to mark-making tips from the PACEY website (Professional Association for Childcare and Early Years) which is a charity organisation dedicated to supporting everyone involved in childcare and early education.


If you have fun at home with any of these ideas, we would love you to take a photo and send it in to us – email nursery school briefly telling us what happened, so that we can celebrate and learn from each other. I will include pictures and stories in the following newsletter.

Notices and housekeeping

  • Please bring one or two pieces of fruit, cucumber, carrots, tomatoes or plain crackers each week so that we can continue supplying a varied plentiful range of healthy food to all the children for snack time.  We will wash all contributions and prepare portions in individual snack boxes for each child so that we all stay safe.
  • Please help us, if you can, this autumn term by donating a voluntary contribution of £10 which goes towards cooking, playdough and other arts and tactile resources. We will be giving out an envelope for you to return next week.
  • Please leave toys at home and set this expectation firmly from the start of term. This is for many positive reasons, including non-contamination Covid 19 procedures. The children have settled back into school very well this week and we make sure they have everything they need to feel safe and involved at school.
  • Please talk to us via email about any issue that comes up for you around your child’s experience at school; no matter how small or large your problem is, we welcome and need this ongoing conversation to ensure that our provision is as good as it can be.

Next week

We will begin focusing on the skills children need for learning to be independent at school and feeling really good about being able to do simple important things for ourselves.  Putting on coats, shoes and wellies; finding art resources; using the outdoor sheds and maths and writing trolleys; putting things away after you have finished; knowing when we are hungry or thirsty; helping each other…. The list is long! I will let you know what we have covered in the next newsletter.

Love from

The ACE Centre Nursery School Team