Dear All,

We have all really enjoyed playing together this week in beautiful September sunshine and there are already memories that stand out as great learning moments.

This week at Nursery School

We learnt how important it is to “choose it, use it and put it back” and the sign we use to remember to do this.  This new sign joined our other Makaton signs that we have been teaching the children so far to help them learn how to socialise successfully.  We will soon post a video to demonstrate these.

Despite it being a bit hot for coats your child learnt an independent trick for putting their coats on.  (see home learning below). We will keep practising this till it’s easy to do!

We also began learning about sounds we can hear in our environment. Tuning into  the sounds we hear and marking them off on a chart.

We painted sticks; weighed apples, built houses; and, learnt that when our key person walks around the garden with our colour group flag, it’s time to round up and do a fun game/ experience in the Garden Room with our colour group.

We ate our individual fruit snack outside each day, and, on Friday, we chopped apples and cooked an apple and blackberry crumble, which we ate at the end of the afternoon session.

(Our morning children will get to eat theirs on Monday).

Links to home learning

It’s so easy to put your child’s coat on for them.  It’s another act of love!  But, it is also so worthwhile to help your child be independent and feel good about being able to do it themselves. Practise this trick for amazing results! (web image)

(If you have fun at home with any of these ideas, we would love you to take a photo and email Nursery School  briefly telling us what happened, so that we can celebrate and learn from each other. I will include pictures and stories in the following newsletter.)

Notices and housekeeping

  • Please keep up your fruit and cracker donations. We are always very grateful.
  • We have finally given out the envelopes for your £10 voluntary contribution and thank you very much if you have already handed them back in.
  • Finally….. Please would you be kind enough to collect and bring to school any fallen apples from apple trees you know of ……as next week we will be using an apple press to make our own apple juice!!    At least that’s the plan. We shall let you know how we get on!!

Next week

We will continue focusing on and letting you know about the skills children need for learning to be independent at school and feeling really good about being able to do simple important things for ourselves.

Below is an interesting short article about an early maths skill – subitising. Learning and playing with this skill now, leads to being confident at calculations later on.   We will be basing our group times on this next week. .

All you need to do to support subitising at home is to play with dice and dominoes.  The challenge is to recognise the number instantly by knowing the pattern. Can you show this by matching it or recreating it? ….but not counting it! (you can count the dots to check if you are right!)

Have a super weekend


Love from

The ACE Centre Nursery School Team