Term 3

January 29th 2021

ACE Centre Nursery School

Home Learning Newsletter no.4

Dear Parents and Carers,

We have had a good week at Nursery School and hope you have had a good week at home.

We hope you enjoy this week’s stories read by Marlena, Jenny and Issy…….

Story video One

Issy is reading The Tale of Jack Frost by David Melling

 – a story with an enchanted forest, lots of greedy goblins and a boy with a magic touch! 

I wonder if you can find any of Jack’s little spells of magic in your garden or outside your house ?!

One day at school last week, we made an enchanted fairy garden and added fairy food and fairy tea!

You could make a garden for fairies, or even, on a very cold day, a frost garden like Jacks.

We made a paintbrush out of some pine needles that came from a tree.  The made scratchy patterns on the paper.

What could you make a paintbrush from?  Let us know what you come up with!

Last week, there was an invasion of pirates at Nursery School.  They made ships and telescopes and they drew maps!  They were looking for treasure and they sang us a great song.  See if you can sing it at home!


An animated version of the song they sung

‘When I was one I sucked my thumb‘  (with lyrics.)

Story Video 2

Jenny is reading Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson.

* May be you could make up your own magic recipe with ingredients from your kitchen or garden – a handful of cornflakes, a pinch of rice?

* Or you could design a truly magnificent broomstick for your family to ride on!

Click here to watch the animated story of Room on the Broom

Story Video 3          

Marlena is reading the story of Walter’s Wonderful Web – this is a story all about a determined little spider who makes an incredible shape web. 

* We will be starting our theme about shapes this week in Nursery.

Links to Learning 

Here are some ideas for websites with programmes, online educational games and some fun activities to help your child to learn more about shapes 

*A challenging interactive shape mosaic game  (this one you need to sign up with your email address) 

Shape song 1 and Shape song 2  ( fun for children .. and adults!) 

Have a go’ activities 

*Try drawing a shape from the story on a piece of paper. Ask your adult to draw a dot for each corner and see if you can link them.  Then try drawing the corner dots first yourself.  Stick up your work on the wall!

* Go on a shape hunt and see if you can find things in your house that match the shapes you drew on the wall.
* Here are some words we use to talk about shapes:

See if you can describe your shapes mathematically

with your grown-up.

Do they have curved or straight edges?

How many edges are there?

How many pointy corners?

Do they have long or short edges or both?

What things are this shape?

*You could play a shape game at home to help you learn the shapes:

Player 1 chooses a shape and gives two clues about their shape.

Can Player 2 guess the shape?! Then swap over.

“I explain with my maths brain a shape with one edge and no corners.”

To finish off with this week is a link below to a rhyming story about staying home and staying safe.  It could help you to talk to your child about why you are choosing to stay home and stay safe at the moment.


Finally – Poetry Basket Challenge

Watch our poem below, then learn a poem you like and send us a video of you reciting the poem and doing the actions!



Breezy Weather

More Links to Learning  (so much to explore here so we are including these each week)

You could watch one programme each day as part of your Home Learning with a short activity to follow up the programme. Remember, the programmes get progressively more difficult so find the Series that is right for your child as a starting point and go from there – you can always go back to programmes to remind your child and reinforce what your child has been learning.

  • Hungry Little Mindsis a website that offers activity ideas for children aged 0-5 years old. They also provide links to age-appropriate apps that have been carefully selected for pre-school children.
  • Click herefor the link to Government guidance on ‘Helping children aged 2 to 4 learn at home during lockdown’

With our best wishes,

The ACE Centre Nursery School Team