16th September 2019

The week just gone.

This week our group times have been focused around creativity and will continue to be so leading up to the Art Exhibition here at the ACE centre on Saturday 5th October 2019.

  • Some groups have been looking at real flower arrangements and creating their own flower representations using a range of media and materials. This has led some children to exploring different flowers, where they have looked at the different parts and have gone on to make a garden treasure jar and their very own flower arrangements.
  • Other groups have also been creating shields which sparked from an interest last week where children have designed their shields and made them up in cardboard and collage.
  • Our phonics learning this week has been planned around environmental sounds: where we have been sharing lots of stories, songs and games that help the children tune into the sounds they can hear around them.Good things to repeat at home could be:
  •  “listening walks” (with a magic stone you can hold behind your ear to help you hear.) The children walk, then stop and focus on the sounds they can hear, distinguishing one sound from another and naming them.
  • Making and discussing your own sounds in the garden using sticks as beaters also promotes early phonics skills because listening the rhythm of a beating stick leads on to hearing the rhythm in words…