Dear all,

Highlights of this week

  • Helicopter stories are …. taking off!
  • Re-telling and acting out ‘The Gingerbread man’ has led onto cooking
  • Gingerbread men. The children were fully involved in small groups,
  • they engaged for a long period of time seeing the whole process
  • through. At the end of the session the children enjoyed decorating their
  • biscuits before of course eating them!
  • Zoe (our student) has got the most out of listening to musical
  • instruments with the children, where they have enjoyed matching the hidden sounds to the correct musical instruments.
  • Sarah has explored maths mastery with the children using playdough Remembrance Day Petals. The children looked at the number and matched it by placing the correct amount of petals on the flower. The children then looked at representing the numbers in different ways such as using their fingers and clapping to show their understanding of quantity. This led on to more learning such as looking at the largest and smallest number displayed.
  • Toast Tuesday was once again a hit, this week Sarah trialled a new signing in system which got the thumbs up.
  • Our Early Talk Boost Programme has started “Tizzy Time”. This week’s focus has been around listening, we have played games such as ready, steady pop using bubbles and ready steady blow using feathers. The song of the week has been head, shoulders, knees and toes. Well done to all those involved. Please remember to return your books on Monday. Thank you.


Environmental sounds – We have been playing sound bingo with Morag throughout the week: test your ears at home with these everyday sounds – can you guess them without looking?

Jolly Phonics s, a, t – We have continued with these sounds this week, the lunchtime children have particularly enjoyed sorting objects according to initial sounds.

Information and Dates

  • Please read the attached minutes of the Forest School in Nursery School meeting, held on Friday 8th November. Thank you to all those of you who attended.
  • We have had a case of chicken pox at Nursery School so please be aware of this if you fall into an at-risk category. We follow national guidelines on exclusion and back to school times for all infectious diseases.
  • Parent Teacher consultations will be held on Tuesday 26th (all colour groups) and Wednesday 27th (all groups except blue) November 2019. Sign up sheets will be in Nursery School next week.
  • New Parents Evening for children starting in January will be on Tuesday 3rd

December 2019.

  • Parents Early Years Literacy Workshop will be held on Wednesday 9th December 2019.
  • Our end of term Christmas Performances will be on Wed 18th December 2019.
  • Our End of year Christmas party will be on Thursday 19th Dec 2019.

Times for these events in the morning and afternoon sessions to be announced

Winter Illnesses

  • Please continue to help keep germs and colds to a minimum by encouraging your children to learn to wash their hands thoroughly and cover their mouths when coughing and sneezing. We have a mini campaign going at school.
  • Could we please ask that now the weather has turned colder you bring appropriate outdoor clothing to further reduce illness, warm coats, hats, scarfs, gloves and wellies would be great (please name everything!)

Friends of the Ace Centre

On Saturday the 23rd of November the Friends of The Ace Centre and staff are organising a “Dig Day” in the Nursery School garden. These days are great fun and we will keep you well-watered and fed, including cooking hot dogs outside for lunch. Hopefully the weather will be kind. Look out for the Friends of The Ace Centre Facebook page for info on equipment needed and jobs to be done.

Next week

  • Please continue to bring in a donation for snack, we welcome all fruit, apart from peaches and nuts due to allergy. Snack time is a great time for children to rest and have deep and meaningful conversations. We encourage all the children to be independent at snack time, they wash their hands, get their own cup and plate, pour their own milk or water, help prepare their snack before washing up their own cup and plate. An adult is always around to encourage and support these apprenticeship tasks.
  • Our group times next week will be focused around maths, so please arrive in time to allow your child to explore and be a part of these adult led activities!
  • If you have been thinking about coming in to be a Sofa Super Hero, please let us know when you are available.

We hope you have another fabulous weekend, wrap up warm and we look forward to seeing you all next week.

Best Wishes

The Nursery School Team