Dear all,

  • DIG DAY is today the 23rd from 10am-2pm. Please come along and help if you can!!!!!

Highlights of this week

  • For group times this week we have been exploring the following shapes
  • Triangle
  • Square
  • Circle
  • Rectangle
  • Diamond

The children have been looking at the shape properties by counting the number of edges and corners of each shape and comparing similarities and differences. For a challenge for some children we also looked at an oval and a pentagon.

Road Safety

We have also enjoyed acting out road safety scenarios as part of Road Safety week (run by the charity Brake): learning to stop…look…listen…think; to keep themselves safe during play with bikes and road signs. We have used directional language to find their way around the roads, following arrows to keep safe, crossing by traffic lights or zebra crossings and much more. We are going to share this learning with our partner schools and work towards joining in with the big “Walk to School” in the early Spring.

This clip ‘King of the road’ on the interactive white board has helped us to promote key messages – You can share it together at home:

*This link is on Youtube so please share the clip but please be aware that adverts may pop up if left to run.

At the beginning of the week the children made potato hedgehogs, and then went on to wrap them in colourful ribbons before they were hidden in the garden for the children to find, using torches. We discussed the importance of wearing bright colours to be seen more easily when walking in the dark.

We have also been making snakes with the playdough with a focus on length, we have modelled and encouraged words to describe length such as – long, longer, longest, small, smaller, smallest, biggest etc.

To support this week’s learning at home you could:

  • • You could go on a shape hunt in your house.
  • • When walking or in the car look at and discuss road signs on your way.
  • • Compare and discuss sizes as and when the opportunity arises.


This week we have been learning poems from the Poetry Basket ‘Chop, Chop, Choppity Chop’ and ‘The leaves are Falling’. These have gone down well with the children, together we are learning the words and actions. We are going to create a board by the parents notice board in reception to display our weekly poems.


  • Can we ask that if you need to hand out any party invitations to the children that you do it discreetly at the end of a session please. Staff will support you to do this.


  • Parent Teacher consultations are next week on Tuesday 26th (all colour groups) and Wednesday 27th (all groups except blue). If you have not signed up, please do.
  • Parents Early Years Literacy Workshop will be held on Wednesday 9th December 2019.
  • Our end of term Christmas Performances will be on Wed 18th December 2019.
  • Our End of year Christmas party will be on Thursday 19th Dec 2019.

Our mini campaign for handwashing:

We’re teaching the children about the importance of washing their hands before lunch and after they’ve gone to the loo, and generally helping them practise it in a thorough way. We’ve also started to talk to them about germs, so they understand why it’s important to wash their hands and to put their hand over their mouths if they are coughing. We’ll be reading some great books about germs in the coming weeks. But this is what we’re saying to your children when washing hands:

– wet hands all over

– soap

– bubbles (the more and bigger the bubbles they can lather up, the better!)

– don’t forget the ‘backs’ (backs of your hands), and the ‘in-betweens’.

– rinse

– dry

This song is great to share with your child at home:

Also, a good habit to get into with your children is for them always to wash their hands when they come home from school and in this way we should prevent the spread of too many coughs and colds this winter.

  • Please can we ask that now the weather has turned colder you bring appropriate outdoor clothing; warm coats, hats, scarfs, gloves and wellies would be great (please remember to name everything!). We are doing our best to encourage the children to be as independent as possible when getting changed and unchanged.

Next week

  • Our group times next week will be focused around science and we will continue to explore shape space and measure.
  • Our phonics focus will be alliteration and rhyme.
  • It is Zoe and Sarah’s last week, we will be very sad to see them go as they very much feel part of the team. We would like to take this opportunity to say a very big thank you for all they have done and wish them well with their training. They will both be fabulous teachers.

We hope you have great weekend, take care and we look forward to seeing you all next week.

Best Wishes

The Nursery School Team