The week just gone

This week our group times have continued to be focused around creativity and will do so leading up to the Art Exhibition here at the ACE centre on Saturday 5th October 2019.

  • We have been looking at some of the work of the artist ‘Kandinsky’. We have been focusing particularly on his circle art work, the children have been inspired and have created some fabulous representations of their own.
  • We have also been finding out about spiders this week, reading stories and looking at facts. The children have enjoyed creating their own webs by wrapping wool around sticks. This has led on to singing the song ‘incy wincy spider’, where the children have enjoyed acting it out and we have even learnt some of the song in Spanish.
  • The children have been making the most of the lovely weather this week, we have been encouraging them to drink plenty and to stay cool. Sun hats have also been made available for the children to wear during the hot spells.
  • Our phonics learning this week has been planned around instrumental sounds: where we have sung songs with instruments, we have also experimented with adjusting the volume when playing the instruments. We have also been thinking about and describing what kind of sounds different animals would make using instruments.

Good things to repeat / do at home to support this week’s phonics could be: 

  • When reading stories, you could encourage your children to make sounds to represent different parts of a story. Such as giant footsteps or a butterfly fluttering etc.
  • If you have instruments at home you could hide them for your child to find, when they discover them, they can play them and together you can discuss the sound each one makes.