Nursery School Newsletter 1 


Dear Parents 

Welcome to and back to Nursery School. I am thrilled to be returning to Nursery School, for those of you that don’t know me my name Zoe Wakefield and I used to work at the ACE Centre a few years ago. I have taken over as lead teacher and I am the key person for the children in green group. Lynn and Lexy are still very much part of the team and will be in and out of Nursery School but will be focusing on their new roles this year. 

This week the children have had fun exploring the environment. They have been busy: cooking in the mud kitchen/role play area, creating enclosures for the animals/dinosaurs, making the biggest train tracks, dancing and moving with scarfs, making travel plans, finding treasure, going on adventures, being imaginative in their play, mark making, experimenting with the sand/water – amongst many other things. It really has been a busy week! 

In group times we have been discussing the days of the week and the weather, counting, reading, singing, interacting and discussing a chosen book (dialogic reading). 

To help with clear communication here are a few reminders for next week: 

  • If your child has an existing injury, please when you come into Nursery School can you ask for an existing injury form to fill in. This is to safeguard everyone and for us to be clear that it did not happen at Nursery. If your child has had an accident at Nursery School, we will contact you if it is serious or if it is a head injury, all other accidents will be recorded in an accident book, and we will inform you at the end of the session and ask you to sign the accident book. 
  • The Nursery School gate will open in the mornings at 8.50am and close at 9.05am. In the afternoon the internal Nursery door will open at 12.30pm and we ask if parents could leave by 12.45pm. This then allows us to provide the children with quality learning time and follow the routines with have in place. 
  • Our Office Team work very hard and do a wonderful job behind the scenes, managing all administrative and financial tasks (as well as numerous other things!). To enable Leigh and Alison to manage their workload effectively, we will now be staffing the office and reception between 8.30-9.30 and 11.30-4.30. For all urgent office queries outside of these times, please call the ACE Centre on 01608 644440 Extension 212. Many thanks in advance for your support on this new initiative. 
  • Forest School will start next week for red and blue group; this will be on a Friday. We will alternate groups each week so yellow and green group will be the following week and so on. Forest School will be in the garden up in the wild area. Your child will need full waterproofs, warm clothes and a pair of wellies. You will be sent some additional information which will include risk assessments next week which you will need to read and sign regarding Forest School activities. If you would like to volunteer as a parent helper for Forest School, please speak to a member of staff. 

I hope you have a great weekend, and we all look forward to seeing you and your children next week for more adventures. 

Best wishes 

Zoe Wakefield