Nursery School Newsletter 2 


Dear Parents 

This week the children have been busy in Nursery School, some highlights have been: 

  • Making fruit/vegetable kebabs for snack 
  • Building woodwork skills – introduction to clamps, goggles, screwdrivers and screws. 
  • Forest school for ‘Red’ and ‘Blue’ groups – today they have been on a bug hunt and enjoyed a hot chocolate and a biscuit. 

In group times this week we have continued learning the days of the week and discussing the weather. Our core book this week has been ‘How do you feel?’ by Anthony Browne, we have read this and have been talking about different feelings/emotions. We have also been looking at cardinality and counting, the children have had fun representing number through activities and songs. 

Our poem this week has been: 

Chop, Chop, Choppity Chop 

Chop, chop, choppity chop 

You cut off the bottom and cut off the top 

What there is left you put in a pot 

Chop, chop, choppity chop 

To help with clear communication here are a few reminders / helpful information: 

  • The ACE Centre will be closed this coming Monday the 19th of September so we can pay our respects on the day of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s State Funeral. 
  • All children at Nursery are due to go to school next September 2023, applications will open in November, and you will have to apply online (via the Oxfordshire County Council website – applications for Primary School Reception class) before the 15th of January 2023. Although we are not allowed to advocate one particular school over another, we would suggest to firstly visit the websites of any local schools you may be interested in your child going, to get a feel for what the school offers (consider practicalities such as distance and siblings too). Then phone or email the schools individually to arrange a visit to find out more. Now is the time to do this before applications open, and many schools are running open days – please check on their websites for information. 
  • On Saturday the 15th of October we will be doing our first fundraiser since pre-covid. We will be serving teas (and cake) at Chastleton House in the afternoon. Can you help us by making a cake to sell on the day or can you help to serve teas on the day for an hour slot sometime between 12noon – 5.00pm? If you can bake/help, there will be a sign-up sheet in the reception area of ACE or for any other questions / information please email Zoe Wakefield. 

Cakes should be delivered to Reception on Friday the 14th of October by 2.30pm. 

We would like to relaunch the ‘Friends of the ACE Centre’ so watch this space for a date in November where staff, parents and children can come together to discuss ideas for future fundraising. This is very exciting, and we value your ideas and expertise. 

  • Please do let us know if you can spare some time to volunteer for any of our curriculum experiences – cooking, woodwork, forest school or a sofa superhero. This can be a one off or on a more regular basis if you would like to, you are all very welcome. 
  • Playdough recipe 

(Use a mug or cup of your choice to measure ingredients) 

Mix together: 

2 cups of plain flour 

½ a cup of salt 

2 -3 tbsp of oil 

4-6 teaspoons of cream of tartar 

A few drops of food colouring or gel (a squirt of paint also works) 

Stir in and allow to cool: 

1 and ½ cups of boiling water 

Store in an airtight container 

Thank you for your support in settling your children into Nursery School and following the routines, all the children are doing well, and it is great to see their confidence building each day. 

I hope you have lovely weekend. We all look forward to seeing you again next week. 

Best wishes 

Zoe Wakefield