Nursery School Newsletter 11


Dear Parents

This week’s Nursery School highlights:

  • Snack/Cooking – This week the children liked making sandwiches with Jenny, they discussed their favourite and least favourite sandwich fillings. Some children experimented with combining the fillings available to them. We encouraged them all to include some salad in their sandwich.
  • Outside – The weather has been very hit and miss this week but each day we have encouraged the children to go outside. I initiated a big obstacle course which inspired the children to add their own ideas and test them out.
  • Inside – Marlena and the children set up a fantastic ‘pet shop’. The most popular pets were snakes, cats, bats, and rabbits. The children have been interested in money and have enjoyed taking turns on the till. Next week we will continue with the shop theme and create a grocery shop where the children can buy and sell a range of real fruit and vegetables.
  • Curricular experiences – The children have been busy wrapping sticks with wool and tying knots with Lexy and Jenny at Forest School, then today some of the children made dream catchers with Lana. We will continue making dream catchers next week – the children concentrated hard, and they all looked amazing.

Our core book The Very Hungry Caterpillar – At the beginning of the week the children listened and joined in with the story. We had props to help tell the story, and the children really enjoyed discussing the pictures and sharing their knowledge of life cycles.

Phonics – This week’s sound focus has been ‘c/k’. We have thought about words beginning with this sound and words that have this sound in. Today we had a game of ‘I spy’ where some of the objects began with a ‘c/k’ – cow, camera, and car.

Maths – Our focus has been comparing amounts and continuous quantities, and we introduced scales. Lexy modelled the specific vocabulary when using the scales such as – more, a lot, fewer, less, not as many, count, amount, how many, same, different, compare, heavier, lighter, same, even etc.

Our poem this week has been:

Breezy Weather

Breezy weather. Freezy weather.

When the leaves fall, we all fall together.

Breezy weather. Freezy weather.

When the wind blows, we huddle together.

To help with clear communication here are a few reminders (helpful information):

  • Please continue to send in your family/pets photos – the children are loving them.
  • Christmas dates:

Wednesday 15th of December at 11am and 2.45pm – The Twinkly Twinkly Nativity performance

Monday 19th of December – Christmas activity day/Father Christmas visit (organised by the ‘Friends of the ACE Centre’)

Monday 19th of December – Christmas raffle tickets for sale

Tuesday 20th of December (last day of term) – Christmas Party day

  • Friends of the ACE Centre meeting next Wednesday, the 30th of November, at The Fox in Chipping Norton at 7.30pm – To discuss Christmas activity day/raffle on the 19th of December for the whole centre. Please do come along to find out more. If you can not attend but would like to be involved/volunteer to help on the day, please do let me know.

I hope you have a great weekend.

Best wishes

Zoe Wakefield