Nursery School Newsletter 12


Dear Parents

This week’s Nursery School highlights:

  • Snack/Cooking – The children enjoyed making carrot cakes at the beginning of the week. They listened to Marlena and followed the recipe, and there was some great maths going on with counting out and weighing all the different ingredients. The children had to take extra care when using the grater and all did a super job. The children were curious about the smells of the different spices such as nutmeg and cinnamon. Here is the recipe we followed.
  • Outside – I have been outside this week and at the beginning of the week the children were busy telling me helicopter stories. Ball runs have been popular this week too, the children helped me to create a giant ball run, where they tested out their ideas and adapted/extended the ball run. Some children then went on to make their own ball/water runs using a range of equipment.
  • Inside – The children have assisted Jenny in making a shop and they decided on that shop being Sainsbury’s. They have again been busy buying, selling, and using lovely language and communication. This has been another popular role play area following the children’s interests.

Our core book Twinkly Twinkly Nativity – The children have enjoyed listening to this week’s book. They have been learning new vocabulary and asking questions about Christmas. We have also put out a nativity scene for the children to play with and recreate the story of Christmas.

Phonics – This week’s sound is ‘e’ so we have been thinking about words beginning with ‘e’ and singing the jolly phonic song and doing the action. Here is the link. We have also been exploring voice sounds by looking at photos and encouraging the children to say the sounds they make such as:

  • • A cow
  • • A telephone
  • • A bee
  • • A train
  • • A clock

Maths – This week’s focus has been comparison in estimating and predicting. The children have enjoyed activities such as making a bed for a toy, selecting a box for a specific item, and finding items that will fit in a cup

Our poem this week has been:

5 Little Reindeers

Five little reindeers playing in the snow,

The first one said, ‘Can you see my nose glow?’

The second one said, ‘Listen to me sing.’

The third one said, ‘I can hear the bells ring.’

The fourth one said, ‘Let’s eat some pie.’

The fifth one said, ‘I’m ready to fly.’

Then clomp went their hooves,

And the snow fell white,

And five little reindeers flew out of sight

We have also been learning some new Christmas songs, they are called ‘Out of the corner of my eye’ and ‘Robin is my name’. We are hoping to sing these to you as part of our performance on the 14th.

To help with clear communication here are a few reminders (helpful information):

Christmas dates:

Wednesday 14th of December at 11am & 2.45 – The Twinkly Twinkly Nativity (you can also pre-order raffle tickets).

Monday 19th of December – Christmas activity day/Father Christmas visit (organised by the Friends of the ACE Centre).

Monday 19th Christmas raffle tickets for sale. Raffle will be drawn and winners to be announced/contacted on Tuesday the 20th of December.

Tuesday 20th December (last day of term) – Christmas party day, we will put up a sign-up sheet for food donations. You are also very welcome to come and enjoy the last part of the session with us in Nursery School while the children enjoy the party food:

  • AM – 11.20 – 11.50am
  • PM – 3.00 -3.30pm

If your child is 30 hours, you will not have to provide a lunch on the last day unless you feel your child will not eat any of the party food. We will ensure there is a good mix of savoury and sweet treats.

  • Friends of the ACE Centre – Thank you to all of you that attended the recent meetings. We have now got a plan in place for the 19th for the Christmas activity day and a new team of ‘friends’ growing. The Friends of the ACE Centre are parents who would like to be involved in organising and raising funds to purchase new equipment and enhance provisions within the centre.
  • Photos – Please keep sending in the family photos. It would be lovely for every child to have photos displayed.
  • Xmas 4 schools project – All items have now arrived at school and most of you should have received your orders. Thank you for your support, as a school we raised £60 in total which will go towards buying Christmas gifts for the children this year.
  • Warm clothing – As the winter advances please remember to dress your child appropriately for the cold weather with layers of clothing that they can add/remove themselves, as well as a warm coat, a hat and a pair of gloves. Please also remember to name each of these items to ensure that they return home with your child each day.

I hope you have a great weekend. Wrap up warm and we will see you next week.

Best wishes,

Zoe Wakefield