Nursery School Newsletter 5 


Dear Parents 

This week’s Nursery School highlights: 

  • Snack/Cooking – This week the children have been making their own open sandwiches, choices consisted of ham, cheese, marmite, lettuce and cucumber. The children were encouraged to think about and discuss the process, next step and the skills needed to make their sandwich. 
  • Outside – The children have enjoyed collecting leaves, twigs and pinecones from the garden for their Autumn art display. They used wheelbarrows confidently to collect, transport and deliver their findings to the art area. The children have also built a stage outside this week, where they have shared stories, retold stories, performed songs and played musical instruments. By the end of the week some of the children were making up their own stories and even acting them out. 
  • Woodwork – The children are continuing to develop their skills in the woodwork area. It has been lovely to see this week some of the children using the tools to create models of aeroplanes and trains. 
  • Forest School – Last week and this week the children have enjoyed making clay nature tiles with Lexy. 

Our core book The Tree, this book is about particular animals who might make their homes in a tree, we looked at specific vocabulary – nest, hollow, drey and burrow and checked in with the children’s understanding of these words. We had some lovely book talk around this book at group times and in session. 

Phonics – We have been consolidating the sounds ‘s’ and ‘a’ this week. The children once again enjoyed making silly soup and their recall and identification of the which object/picture began with which sound was amazing. We have continued with exploring instrumental sounds and the children have enjoyed activities such as ‘adjusting the volume’. 

Maths – We have continued looking at comparison in maths and have been modelling/encouraging children to recognise one more/one less. They have enjoyed doing this through number songs and activities. 

Our poem this week has been: 

Leaves are falling 

Leaves are falling Leaves are falling 

One fell on my nose 

Leaves are falling Leaves are falling 

One fell on my toes 

Leaves are falling Leaves are falling 

One fell on my head 

Leaves are falling Leaves are falling 

Yellow orange red. 

To help with clear communication here are a few reminders/helpful information: 

  • Breakfast Club is available from 8 – 8.50 am each day in Nursery School. It costs £7.45 per session. Breakfast is included but if you arrive after 8.30, we will assume your child has had breakfast at home. For more information or to book in please contact the office. 
  • If you are out and about on a walk at the weekend, why not encourage your child to take a bag/basket and collect some Autumn bits. They are welcome to bring them into Nursery School next week to make a collage/add to our display. 
  • Please can we ask children don’t bring toys in from home to Nursery School. If your child has a special comforter that they always need/keep in their bag, a discussion can be had with your child’s keyperson. Thank you, we really do appreciate your support in this matter. 
  • Last plea for our fundraising event at Chastleton on Saturday the 15th of October – we are still looking for bakers/helpers on the day. Signup sheets by back door/disabled toilet. Your help is very much appreciated. For any other questions/information please contact Zoe Wakefield – 

Have a great weekend. 

Best wishes 

Zoe Wakefield