Nursery School Newsletter 6 


Dear Parents 

This week’s Nursery School highlights: 

  • Snack/Cooking – At the beginning of the week the children had fun making smoothies with Jenny and today they have enjoyed making their own pizzas. 
  • Outside – The children have been busy with Marlena creating a racetrack, a small town with a bus stop and parking spaces. They have also been building their own vehicles using the blocks and loose parts available to them. 
  • Inside – Issy has supported the children to experiment with leaf rubbing and apple printing this week. The children have also been engaged in fabulous small world and role play scenarios. 
  • Woodwork – Helicopters seemed to be the popular choice to make in the woodwork station this week. It has been lovely to see the children’s confidence grow in using the tools and how they now independently go on to modify their creation. 
  • Forest School – This week the children have been introduced to ropes and have had a great time making rope bridges and swings. 

Our core book One Fox, the children were interested in the numbers and were encouraged to represent each number and think about how each number was different, we discussed showing numbers in different ways such as when looking at the number four we could show this by showing four fingers but also by showing one and three/two and two etc. We looked at and discussed the vocabulary – famished, sly, plump, snug, silent, and beady. 

Phonic sounds – We have been learning and listening out for the ‘t’ sound this week. We have been learning songs, actions and discussing items/names where they can hear the ‘t’ sound. We have also been exploring body percussion, developing an awareness of sounds and rhythms. The children have loved our harvest songs – Big Red Combine Harvester and Oats and Beans and Barley Grow. The BBC radio has a great online resource where you will find a range of nursery rhymes and songs to share with your child. 

Maths – This week we have been exploring pattern, the children have had the opportunity to continue an AB pattern, copy an AB pattern and some children can now spot an error in an AB pattern. We will continue this focus next week and introduce new patterns in fun and engaging ways through songs, stories, and activities. 

Our poem this week has been: 

Five Little Pumpkins 

Five little pumpkins sitting on a gate. 

The first one said, ‘Oo, it’s getting late.’ 

The second one said, ‘There are witches in the air.’ 

The third one said, ‘Well I don’t care.’ 

The fourth one said, ‘Let’s run, run, run.’ 

The fifth one said, ‘Let’s have some fun.’ 

But oooh went the wind, and out went the light, 

And five little pumpkins tumbled out of sight. 

To help with clear communication here are a few reminders/helpful information: 

  • *SCHOOL/NURSERY PHOTOS* – Heather our photographer is coming this Thursday the 20th of October. She will be taking studio photographs; she will be in with us for the morning and afternoon. We will co-ordinate siblings who are in session to be done together along with individual photos. If you have younger siblings, you would like to include we can accommodate this at the beginning of each session, but you will have to allow time for this. 
  • Next week for yellow and green group your forest school session will take place on Thursday not Friday (don’t worry we will get the photos done first). 
  • If your child has grapes in their lunchbox, can we ask that you cut them length ways please. We have a rule at nursery school that all grapes need to be cut this way. Thank you for your support in this matter. 
  • Magic Day – Next Friday (the last day of term) we thought it might be nice to have a magic themed day as the children have been recently talking about Halloween, so we thought we could have some activities and books linked to magic and if your child would like to dress up, they are more than welcome. 
  • We will be serving teas at Chastleton House (in the church) tomorrow. Thank you for all the donations. Please come along and support us if you can, if you park in the main carpark, it is a short walk down to the church and you do not have to purchase a ticket for Chastleton House itself. For any other questions/information please email Zoe Wakefield.

Have a lovely weekend and we look forward to seeing some of you tomorrow. 

Best wishes 

Zoe Wakefield