This week at Nursery School

During the last two weeks at Nursery School your children continued to work hard, getting deeply involved in experiences related to number:  jumping over patterned obstacle courses – singing “hoop, tyre, tunnel!”; arranging beautiful designs on a huge scale while listening to quiet music; counting out sets of mini treasure to make number pictures; and, by  the end of this week some had taken their understanding further into painting their own repeating patterns along snakes.  Surprisingly, while children have a natural instinct to see pattern and design, we have really enjoyed, as a team, exploring how to support children make that conscious step which links and teaches how pattern relates to number.

Home Learning

To find out more about how a sense of number can be learnt through pattern you can follow this link

We would love you to share with us any work you do on this at home!

Parent Teacher Phone Consultations

Following on from your child having their focus observation week, we set up a time for a phone conversation with you, where we can discuss the progress and experiences your child is enjoying at Nursery School, their next steps and how you can support these at home.  This is also a great time to discuss any questions you may have.  Some of these conversations are happening before half term and the rest will be arranged after half term.  So, if we haven’t already talked we will arrange a time in the first and second week back.

Outdoor Learning and settling in feedback forms

Your feedback is a vital to us because it not only paints the full picture of what we do here for our records, but also because thinking about and responding to your feedback is an important part of what enables us to continue giving outstanding care and education to your child.

At the beginning of next week we will send out a short questionnaire which asks you  about how you child has settled in and how happy you are with our solution of mainly outdoor learning as a practical and working solution to keeping children, staff and families safe during Covid 19.  We ask you to please take a few moments to fill this in and return it to Nursery School.  There will also be hard copies available at school.

Next Week

We will link this week’s learning more to Expressive Arts and Design, using the new creative workshop space in the indoor classroom.  The weather forecast is grim, so we will keep children warm and busy working on art skills and developing projects on a large and small scale.  Of course, while working or the art creations we can revisit and reinforce all the great pattern and number learning that has been going on this term.

I shall post a virtual term one art exhibition for you to enjoy in the next newsletter!

House Keeping

  • Don’t forget that we will be coming back to school on Tuesday 3rd November because Monday 2nd is an INSET day for us.
  • Thank you for all your voluntary contributions this term and your regular donations of fruit for snack.

Love from

The ACE Centre Nursery School Team