To our dear parents and carers,

Welcome back to all children and families who have stayed at home for the last week and a half.  We hope you enjoyed the home learning programme and felt a sense of connection to your teachers, even though you were not at school.

Survey Monkey

We are sending a separate email which contains a link to a “Survey Monkey” about ACE Nursery School home learning.  Please answer the few multiple-choice questions and write a comment / suggestion in the box at the end.  We will continue to make sure that a rich and enjoyable home learning programme is available for any child who has to stay at home during the coming winter months.

This week at Nursery School

This week we have begun introducing children to our woodwork area (set up in the indoor classroom). We explored varieties of wood as a material and, through story, thought about where it comes from and what it is used for.

We examined nails and screws and discussed how a person wood keep safe while using these.

We had an exciting tour of the new woodwork workshop, discussed safety, tried on goggles and gloves and felt excited about being allowed to work in there.

On Friday we learnt how to use a hammer safely.  Going forwards, we will ensure that we keep the groups small and support your child to stay safe and grow in confidence while they explore how to use tools, join and shape wood, tinker, design and persevere with projects.

The children will use up lots of resources and materials and we need to establish a good supply of both wood, balsa wood, corks, bottle tops and more. We would love you all to get on board and collect any of the above for us, especially any soft wood you may have at home (attention all carpenters!)  I will send out a more comprehensive list shortly.

As a team we really want to build every child’s confidence and skill in this area as it is such a rich medium to learn through and inspire creativity.

Notices and housekeeping

Thank you for all again for helping us keep safe by following our safeguarding guideline: sanitising your hands before you come on site; wearing a mask; not gathering or staying to chat in groups; observing the one-way system.

In school we monitor and observe the children’s well-being and health and if any child is not acting their normal self, we investigate and follow up, listening to how a child describes how they are feeling and taking their temperature if we are at all concerned.

Next week’s home-school learning

Please follow this link (you might have to copy and paste it into google) so that you can see one of the educational specialists who have inspired us to make woodwork a key part of your children’s experience at nursery School.  Also, we recommend his book Pete Moorehouse “Learning through woodwork”.

With our best wishes

Love from

The ACE Centre Nursery School Team