Term 3

January 15th 2021

ACE Centre Nursery School

Home Learning Newsletter no.2



Story Video One

Marlena’s “A Busy Day for Birds”, written and illustrated by Lucy Cousins, is lots of fun and full of bird actions!

https://youtu.be/PhJQT5FZg30  (with actions) https://youtu.be/uRbMDLO14uw (without actions)

Have you got any busy birds outside your window ? Click here for an activity you could do at home, counting all the birds that you can see!

Also, you will see that we have been busy thinking about birds at school! Have a go at our making activity and follow the RSPB link to learning below.

Links to Learning

At this time of year the birds are feeling the cold and finding it more difficult to collect food in the hard winter ground. May be you could make a bird feeder or even open your own bird café ? Click here to go on the RSPB website where you can find lots of brilliant bird related activities to enjoy – the birds will enjoy them too!

‘Have a go’ at making…

This week at Nursery School we used some sticks to make a birds nest.  We decorated it with string and wool and threaded on some beads.

Do you think you would be able to collect some sticks and tie them together to make a nest?

Tessie used this one as a home for her toy cheetahs!

Have a go at dancing

Why don’t you put on some lovely music and have a dance with some dancing scarves. You can use all the bird actions that you have learnt from Marlena’s story.  Ask your family to join in and dance like birds!

Story Video Two

Jenny is reading Handa’s Surprise by Eileen Browne – you remember this story from Nursery    https://youtu.be/LXVkXlARxI8

Learning Link

Have a go at maybe making a yummy fruit salad using some of the fruits you have at home .
Click here for a healthy fruit salad and other simple recipes for children to make

Have a Go at making playdough

You can make playdough at home like we do at school if you follow this recipe:


2 cups of flour

Quarter cup of salt

2 tbs of veg oil

I tbs cream of tartare

Food colouring or paint

One and quarter cups of boiling water.


Mix dry goods in a bowl

Mix paint/ colouring, oils and water in cup

Add together and stir

Tip out and knead for 5 minutes, adding more flour until no longer sticky

Story Video Three

Issy is reading ‘Starlight Sailor’ , a wonderful rhyming tale about adventures in the sea https://youtu.be/g1ZjB6-jpdc

Enjoy reading this before bedtime and have dreams about adventures on the sea!

Can you hear the rhyming words ? Listen to the story again and play a game to guess the rhyming pairs of words – see how many you can find ?


More Links to Learning 

You could watch one programme each day as part of your Home Learning with a short activity to follow up the programme. Remember, the programmes get progressively more difficult so find the Series that is right for your child as a starting point and go from there – you can always go back to programmes to remind your child and reinforce what your child has been learning.

  • Hungry Little Mindsis a website that offers activity ideas for children aged 0-5 years old. They also provide links to age-appropriate apps that have been carefully selected for pre-school children.
  • Click herefor the link to Government guidance on ‘Helping children aged 2 to 4 learn at home during lockdown’

Finally – Poetry Basket Challenge

Learn a poem and send us a video of you

reciting the poem and doing the actions!

First there’s a poem you all know very well so you can warm up: Chop Chop

Then there’s a new poem to learn: Stepping Stones!

Chop Chop

Stepping Stones

With our best wishes,

The ACE Centre Nursery School Team