Term 4 Newsletter no. 2    12.03.2021

Dear Parents and Carers,

It has been a week full of building.  Tessie kindly brought in two nests for us to look at.  And this led to wondering. We had the idea to build our own nest and created circles of willow rods.

It was hard work to bend the rods and hold them still for a friend to tape the two ends into a circle.  We ordered them from small to big and had ideas for how to fix them together.

The teacher explained that birds weave sticks together – many children learnt under and over as we tried to weave other willow rods through our nest circles.

When the nest was finished, we wondered how we could make it soft for the birds to lay their eggs and rear their babies.


We also learnt a poem about birds in their nests.  

Hungry Birdies

I have built a little nest,

look inside, look inside.

Hungry birdies with their beaks,

open wide, open wide.

And the little birdies grow,

day by day by day.

‘Till they spread their wings and fly,

far away, far away.

Teams of builders got going. Our recent block play training from Nathan Crook has inspired the team to support maths in building in new ways: thinking about the seven stages of block play.

As indoors, so outdoors!

It has also been a week of reuniting with old friends and making new friends.  Some children must feel they have been away for a long time, so don’t over worry if they took a while to settle this week.  We have seen new children and returning children get into their stride this week so well done everyone!

Our group times have been around The Three Billy Goats Gruff; drawing anti-clockwise circles (great practice for letter formation; writing shopping lists and recipes in the home corner and maths challenges with playdough.  We have worked in different areas indoors with a focus on learning how to use an area independently and remembering to “Choose it; use it; put it back!”  Jenny has also started to teach our end of session groups with a yoga and relaxation routine, which we will continue to develop.

House Keeping and notices

  • Please could you help us by bringing in your fruit and cracker donations as we seem to be running out quite quickly.

If your child has been a focus child this term, you will receive our observations back this coming week and we will be inviting you for a parent teacher consultation phone call on Friday 19th March

Have a lovely weekend!           

Love from the ACE Nursery School Team