Term 5 Newsletter no. 1    24.04.2021

Dear Parents and Carers,

What a lovely start to term 5.  Well done to our new starters and our older children who have helped everyone have a successful start to school!

This week we have enjoyed the sunshine and the garden, which the team worked so hard in on Tuesday. It is now looking fantastic and set to be even better as we are developing the experiences your children can have in the different areas of the garden – and if we may, we will let you know what our recycling wish list is as we go forwards.

Wish List

For example, this week we would love any old kitchen tools – wooden spoons, spatulas, ladles, whisks, tongs, salad servers, potato mashers, sieves rolling pins, old pestles and mortars etc in order to bring our home corner mud kitchen further to life.

Learning this last week

We have been involved and busy from the start to finish of every session.  Having discussions under the trees and writing about super heroes;

telling helicopter stories; and, making and illustrating books, in this case about two dancing lady bugs!

We have enjoyed lots of stories and books, which the teachers have chosen specifically for our interests and in some cases to help us feel safe and secure that Mum, Dad or our Carer will definitely be coming back!

We have helped each other really well.  Our older children have helped our new starters to feel safe and included in their nursery school community.

So, we have overcome initial barriers to feeling well and happy starting a new school.  Some children also tried to move different obstacles in other imaginative ways too!

We have started outdoor art-work and creativity on a grand scale, by painting a whole tree branch!

We made a tunnel down the slide and did amazing lining up, waiting and following a one way system at high speed!

We have enjoyed having the new dressing up and role play area up at the top of the garden and we will be changing and adapting this area along with children’s interests and next step needs.

New look mud kitchen

Home Learning

  • Dear Children,

This week we are going to plant a sunflower seed and learn how to look after it to help it grow.  Each child can plant their seed at school, label it with their name and then take their planted seed home with them to look after and grow it with their family.

We shall learn the following poetry basket poem to deepen the experience.  Maybe you can say the poem when you water the sunflower at home.

Maybe the poem will help the sunflower grow as well!

Poetry Basket Poem

A Little Seed

A little seed for me to sow

A little soil for it to grow

A little hole

A little pat

A little wish

And that is that

A little sun

A little shower

A little wait

and then a flower!

Show your mum and dad the actions 😊


Finally, House Keeping and Important Notices

Dear Children

  • We have a child starting at Nursery School with a severe nut allergy, so please make sure you do not have peanut butter or any nuts in school or even for breakfast before school. And as usual we will help you wash your hands when you arrive.
  • We have made many shady cool spots in the garden for you to rest and cool down but please come to Nursery School with sun cream on, in long sleeves and with a named hat. We will help you learn about sun safety. (if you stay all day – bring a labelled sun cream and give it to the team so we can re-apply at lunch time. Remember,don’t leave any potions or medicine in your bags!)

Have a lovely weekend!           

Love from

the ACE Nursery School Team