Term 5 Newsletter no. 2    30.04.2021

Dear Parents and Carers,

Well done to everyone this week.  It has been a bright, but cold week, with a rainy Wednesday.  All our new starters are now with us and have made a fantastic beginning in nursery school.  Well done also to our older children, who have, without exception been helpful and kind when asked and sometimes without being asked.  We feel very proud of you all (and a little bit of ourselves!)

We have had a few conversations about missing Mummy and Daddy. We have stuck close to those children who want reassuring contact, read many lovely books about feelings, starting school and Mum and Dad; and, discussed how it’s difficult but okay to miss someone and how we are doing okay and how everything will be okay.

Wish List

This week we would love any old compost you may have at home which you are not going to use this year.  This is because next week we are planting up the allotment beds with lots of vegetables and flowers for us to water and tend for a summer feast before the end of this term.

Learning this last week

We have also had a great time making spring art murals with paint and leaves and many of the flowers from the garden. We have learnt how to fill, transport and then use the aqua roll to water the garden.  We have also learnt about snack routine and how the day runs.  In our group times we have planted a seed which will hopefully grow at home over the next few weeks and read about sunflowers.  We have made up helicopter stories, while sheltering from the rain in the outdoor den.

In the mud kitchen children have been experiencing their home corner afresh with natural ingredients to make dinner for babies.  We have been on a sounds treasure hunt and made a boat to seat 8 children so they could safely sail through parts of the day and watch what was going on around them.

Home Learning

  • Dear Children,

We thought this week we would celebrate our new starters with a challenge.

How many things can you do with the number 3?

  • Find 3 things you love in your house.
  • Count out 3 seeds and plant them in the garden.
  • Go on a 3 hunt at the shops and see if you can find the numeral 3.
  • How many different ways can you arrange 3 coins?
  • Put 3 coins on a shuffle tray – tape a line down the centre. Shuffle your coins and see how many ways

                                  there are to make 3.

  • Hide 3 coins in your hands behind your back and get mum to guess how many coins you have in each hand.
  • Make a step pattern with, 1 block, then 2 blocks, then 3 blocks. Continue the pattern and see what number

                                        comes next!





Finally, House Keeping and Important Notices

Dear Mums and Dads and Carers,

Please remember you must not use your mobile phones or any other device to take pictures, videos or any kind of recording of your child, while they are in Nursery School.  This is essential in order to protect all the children who attend our Nursery School and all visitors to the ACE Centre site must comply with these important safeguarding rules. So, we would, and will, remind you not to use your phone whilst waiting in the queue.

Have a lovely long bank holiday weekend!           


the ACE Nursery School Team