Dear all,

Highlights of this week

This week we have been enjoying getting into the Christmas spirit, working together to make and put up Christmas decorations. We made a giant Christmas tree collage, teaching the children to choose carefully from a buffet of sparkly shapes and sequins reusing the language of shape that we have been working on this term. We also supported planning and creative design as each decided where to place their treasures on their triangle. Wrapping presents to go under the tree proved equally absorbing, with children staying with the experience and becoming increasingly independent as they worked their fine motor muscles to scrunch newspaper to stuff boxes with (make the presents); measure the paper they needed by drawing around the box once then placing it again to make it double; cutting the paper carefully to make sure the two drawn shapes were in tact; extending and coordinating their understanding of 3D to manipulate the paper around the solid shape; learning to stick the Sellotape to join two edges and finally re using their choosing treasures skills to stick on and decorate their presents. Who would have thought there was so much to it!

collage christmas tree

We have also been making frosty sticks throughout the week, which look magical sprouting up around the Xmas “stable”. We have designed our Christmas Performance and it is beginning to take shape and we have started singing Christmas songs. These are attached so you can sing along at home to help your child feel confident to enjoy and join in with the performance on the day.

On Forest Friday most of children enjoyed sharing a hot chocolate and a biscuit around a real fire in the garden. The children collected sticks in the wind and rain, comparing and sorting stick sizes and talking about why a little skinny stick catches fire more easily. This week, due to the weather and it being our first fire, we chose a very small fire bowl to make the fire in started the ongoing conversation about how to keep safe around a fire. tea light candleWe will continue to develop the children’s awareness of fire safety as we continue and teach them the skills necessary for keeping themselves safe around the fire. Please see our fire risk assessment on the Forest School display board in the cloakroom.

To try at home

It’s a fascinating process to break down any real-life task into the skills needed to complete it and take the time to explain the steps and teach each skill, allowing lots of time for your child to try and repeat the process – watch them get involved and persevere to get the job done. (allow for mess and go with their choices!)

Information and Requests
  • We would like to thank Friends of the Ace Centre for providing the children with a wonderful Christmas party on Friday.
  • Also thank you very much for keeping your children with you in the room at collection time. They are only going to get more excited from here on in and we want to help them all keep safe as you leave.
  • We have had a few reports of headlice so could you please check your child’s hair and treat if necessary. Thank you for your cooperation.
Celebrations and Dates

Ace Centre Rainbow Day this Tuesday the 10th December – We are helping to raise funds for Anna Drysdale’s cancer treatment, a local girl from Chipping Norton. We are asking everyone to come in rainbow dress-up on the 10th of December and to donate £1. Also, any chocolate donations for the chocolate tombola for the festive fun day (Team Anna) on Sunday the 15th of December would be very welcome. To read more about Anna’s story please click on the following link Any parents who can help on this day are very welcome to stay.

Early Years Reading and Writing Workshop for all parents this Wednesday the 11th December from 9am – 9.45am In the Rainbow Room, ACE Centre. Come and share some tips to support your children on their journey to becoming confident readers and writers.

Our Christmas Performance will be on Wednesday the 18th of December at 11am for 11.15am start and 2.45pm for 3pm start in Nursery School.

Nursery School Christmas Party Thursday the 19th of December (last day of term)

 morning and afternoon session. Parents do not need to come to this, but we would love a few volunteers to come and help for the whole or part of the session. Father Christmas will be making a guest appearance towards the end of the session after the party food.

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Parent Contributions for Party Food

There will be a food list up towards the end of next week with food suggestions, if you could sign up that would be great. Children who stay for lunch should also bring in a packed lunch but bear in mind they may not eat as much as usual for lunch that day!

Next week

Next week we will continue following the children’s interests as they prepare for Christmas. We expect to be cooking, making decorations, exploring rainbows on Tuesday and introducing some more basics of woodwork skills.

Please continue to support us by aiming to be on time and bringing your child to their key person to settle and self-register at the start of each day.

We hope you have a lovely weekend and we look forward to seeing you all next week.

Best Wishes

The Nursery School Team