Week beginning 20.1.20

Dear all,

This week – And what a lovely week! The children began by discovering the frosty garden on Monday and Tuesday. They investigated the frozen ground, sand and water and then found bowls of ice with curious objects frozen in them the next day. An involved investigation followed, where everyone focused on using all their senses to notice and observe and describe what was in front of them – and resisted the urge to smash the ice! child looking at model snakeWe explained that although that is one way of exploring it is also the end of the investigation and that what we were learning was to carry on our thinking and inquiry to find out as much as we can. The children were curious and asked questions, the staff extended their knowledge and understanding of the world by asking open ended questions to deepen their thinking and, in many cases, attention continued for a long time.

With Morag some of the children also used their senses to explore the cooking ingredients that they would need on Forest Friday to make Orange, oat and choc chip cookies. This experience was particularly powerful for those children who find trying new foods a challenge and some were delighted and proud they had touched butter, or sniffed an orange. When baking day arrived both morning and afternoon groups really enjoyed cooking and eating them. For the children to see the whole process through, from start to end, gave them a real sense of understanding and purpose. We have attached the recipe for you to have a go at baking them at home with your child. They are truly delicious!

We have recapped on poems from our Poetry Basket collection this week. We thought this poem was the most appropriate to share with the recent weather we have been experiencing:

Breezy Weather

Breezy weather. Freezy weather.

When the leaves fall, we fall together.

Breezy weather. Freezy weather.

When the wind blows, we huddle together.

hoar frost on branches

Forest Friday

To continue our theme of exploring materials and changes in their states while melting or heating, we set up a potion making Forest Friday experience. child playing with gooFreeing up our play to messy, mud kitchen experiences we included rose petals, cornflour, cooked spaghetti, icing sugar, leaves and lentils and let the potions create, transform and extend throughout the day. Of course coming together for hot chocolate and a cookie at the end inside this time as we all wanted to warm up a bit!

Next week for Forest Friday we are going to start the session off outside, so please bring your child dressed in old clothes, waterproofs and wellies (remember we have spares if needed). Alternately, you can bring or borrow outdoor clothing and encourage your child to get changed on the decking when you arrive. We will support the breakfast club children to get changed before they come outside in the morning. Please put your child’s indoor shoes in a bag and hang them on their peg along with their change of clothes on your way out of Nursery School, once you have said good bye. Thank you.

Writing folders

It was great to see some of the children bringing in their own writing folders this week. Please feel free to bring in a named narrow ring binder in which your child can begin to collect their marking making.

Sofa Superheroes

We would so welcome any parents or grandparents to come and be a sofa superhero. This is when you volunteer to come in and sit on our sofa and read to the children. If you have any spare time and you think this might be something you are interested in doing, please come and speak to us. We really value parents as both an asset and our partners in teaching and learning so, if you can, do come!


No snacks or drinks or medication or creams should be left in your child’s bag. This is both very important for health and safety but also essential for classroom (cloakroom) management reasons. Thank you for your cooperation.

Next Week

We will be looking at the Chinese New Year. We have put in the following link if you would like to find out more about the Chinese New year with your child https://www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies/watch/chinese-new-year

Hope you have had a great weekend (late post!) and we look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.

Best Wishes

The Nursery School Team