Nursery School Newsletter 15


Dear Parents

Welcome back and a big hello to all our new children and families. The children have come back so well, and all the new children have done brilliantly with settling into nursery school life.

This week’s Nursery School highlights:

  • Snack/Cooking – This week some of the children wanted to bake some cupcakes, so we measured all the ingredients against the weight of an egg. We discussed the amounts being equal and the children enjoyed exploring different quantities.
  • Outside – The weather has been very wet, but the children have made the most of being outside. The biggest craze this week has been creating stages, where the children have performed many songs, dances and stories.
  • Inside – This week the children have been making their own musical instruments using a range of materials and filling them with rice, pasta or lentils.

Our core book Owl Babies – We have revisited one of our core books this week which the children helped to re-tell. We had great discussions in our colour groups around the book and how the baby owls might feel when they wake up one night to find their mother gone. The children were all very happy when the mother owl returned to her babies. We talked about a range of emotions and how it is okay to feel the feelings we do.

Phonics – This week’s sound is ‘u’ so we have been thinking about words beginning with ‘u’ and doing the jolly phonic action for ‘u’. We have also been recapping on environmental sounds throughout the week.

Maths – This week’s focus has been on cardinality and counting, we have done intentional teaching at group times and have been reinforcing this within provision and routines.

Our poem this week has been:


Popcorn, popcorn, sizzling in the pan.

Shake it, shake it up.

Bam, Bam, Bam.

Popcorn, popcorn, now it’s getting hot.

Shake it, shake it up,

Pop, Pop, Pop.

This week’s song has been ‘Old MacDonald had a farm’. We have had fun singing this song and, as the week progressed, we even changed some of the words to the song.

To help with clear communication here are a few reminders (helpful information):

  • Snack – Can you please remember to send in snack contributions, thank you. These contributions are very much appreciated.
  • Photos – Please keep sending in the family photos.
  • Toileting – The under 5’s health team is running a specialist session on toileting training next Tuesday (17th) at 9.15am for any parents who are interested, so please do come along if you would like to. This session will take place in the Rainbow Room and hot drinks will be available from our Warm Welcome volunteers.
  • Forest School groups – LIST PROVIDED TO PARENTS

I hope you all have a great weekend. We look forward to seeing you all again next week.

Best wishes,

Zoe Wakefield.