children in forest school shelter

Dear all, Highlights of last week Thank you so much to the parents who helped us work on the garden last weekend: delivering logs; reweaving the willow tunnel; raking and sweeping; and, designing a new outdoor structure for Forest School.

child looking at traffic lights

Dear all, DIG DAY is today the 23rd from 10am-2pm. Please come along and help if you can!!!!!

children making toast

Dear all, Highlights of this week Helicopter stories are …. taking off! Re-telling and acting out ‘The Gingerbread man’ has led onto cooking Gingerbread men. The children were fully involved in small groups, they engaged for a long period of time seeing the whole process through. At the end of the session the children enjoyed […]

Highlights of last week The children have settled back in well and have had a busy week with lots of different activities.

table laid to make pumpkin soup eyfs
layout for transient art 3-5 year olds

The week just gone Emotion Coaching Just to say, we are really pleased with how all our new children are settled and enjoying learning to be together and help each other out. They are getting used to being supported to be aware of their feelings, draw a line between helpful and unhelpful behaviour and then […]

This week our group times have been focused around exploring clay, maths and the chicks.